Weld AI is a free alternative to Supermetrics

Connect your ad networks to Google Sheets

The simplest way to import your ad data into Google Sheets.

(no credit card required)​

How it works

Import your ad data into Google Sheets in 2 minutes

1. Connect a Google Account

2. Connect an ad network

3. Import your data

Weld Currently Supports:

Weld is free forever ❤️

Get easy access to data from ad platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, and Google Analytics.


Right now, we’re launching with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics. In the future, we plan to add additional features which we plan to charge for. Our base plan will always be free.

It’s easy! Just add our extension from the Google Sheets store and start importing your data. We also put together a quick guide.

In order for us to add the extension into Google Sheets, we need you to authenticate with your Google Account.

Hey there! We’re Patrick, Dan and Chris, the cofounders behind Weld. We also make this other service you may like called GA Insights. It’s an easy way to get alerts and reports from ad networks into Slack or Microsoft Teams.

For the ad networks we support, our features are very similar to what Supermetrics offers. We don’t have the depth of ad networks (but we’re adding more all the time) that they support, but we are 100% less expensive and made by a small bootstrapped team. ✌️